Free Delivery on orders over $70. Delivering to Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, & select surrounding city limits. Call 479.601.5390 for details.

USDA Processing Services

In partnership with our friends at B&R Processing in Winslow, AR, we can process your poultry under USDA inspection. With the USDA seal, you can legally sell your poultry anywhere in the world. 

We only process for commercial customers (no yard birds). Minimum sized lot is 50 chickens. We also do turkeys. 


Prices & Services

Whole bird - basic slaughter. Neck on - feathers, viscera, feet, head removed. Vacuumed sealed package with logo (there is a 1 time $75 fee if you want us to put your farm logo on the USDA label) & USDA label. 

  • *$3.50/ea if 125 birds+
  • *$4.00/ea if 75-124 birds
  • *5.00/ea if 50-74 birds

Cut-Up Fee - $2/ea - Includes boneless, skinless breast, tenders, wings, drums, thighs, and frame with neck attached. 

Hearts & Livers - $1/lbs

Feet - $2/lbs

Ground - $1.25/lbs of bone-out weight


    How It Works

    1 Secure a Date

    Call Spence & get on the schedule - 479.601.5390. If something changes, let us know immediately

    2 Pull Feed & Transport

    By 4 pm the day before your process date, you'll need to remove all feed from your birds so that they're not full of feed when we butcher them. Birds full of feed will incur a charge because they slow down the line. Be at the plant by 8 am the day of butcher.

    3 Pick Up & Pay

    Your birds will be ready by Friday. If you have special processing, such as grinding, it may be Monday - just ask. You'll pay at pick up