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Poultry, Pasture, Movement, Family 


In 2007, Spence & Carla started Across the Creek Farm with 30 hens and a overgrown piece of land in a holler south of Fayetteville. Spence started clearing land, using sweat and a chainsaw to flush out a combat tour in Iraq as an Army machine gunner.  


Over a decade later, the power of poultry, pasture, movement, and a great family  to produce a ultra-local, radically better tasting bird is well-known in Northwest Arkansas. Our flocks are fed locally milled Non-GMO feed made from Arkansas grains and all the bugs and greens they can eat. We move our birds every day, and this commitment to movement not only means lots of grass and bugs for the birds to eat, but also a clean place to live so no need for the typical crazy antibiotics or off-label drugs. In 2016, we partnered with B&R Processing in Winslow to build a USDA inspected poultry processing operation, and we hand-butcher and air-chill our own birds weekly.


Our chicken, pork, and eggs are used across NWA by the families and chefs that want the best chicken available, not just a laundry list of deceptive packaging claims. When you buy from Across the Creek Farm, you buy the best from a neighbor family, and we thank you for it!