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Stewing Hen

Stewing Hen

1 Stewing Hen (2-3 lbs avg)

Our laying hens spend their days on pasture, foraging, scratching, laying. Eventually, after a few years (that's a long time for a chicken), we harvest the flock. 

Years of pasture livin' has made these old girls tough, but extremely flavorful. Flavor and tenderness in meat are inversely proportional - meaning there's a trade off of one at the expense of the other -  and these hens are pegged all the way over on the flavor scale. Our stew hens will transport you back to the chicken n' dumplins that your grandma ate. Best used for soups & stews, gently simmered for hours, and then the meat pulled & shredded/chopped. The long cooking time will soften the flavor-rich meat & fully extract their flavor in the broth.  A fantastic traditional cooking ingredient. 

Not suggested for roasting or frying.