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Value Bird - Trimmed Whole

1 Trimmed Whole Bird ~2.5-4.5 lbs


When we process our birds, in each flock there are always a few birds that require trimming due to dings that occurred during life on pasture. These dings might be due to scrapping with another bird, a beefy broiler trying to fly too high, wiggling free during catch up & bruising a wing, or even a nocturnal swipe by a curious coon or possum through the chicken wire...after a decade & a half on pasture, it's kind of a long list. Once we get the feathers off at harvest, any bruising or other defect must be removed. Usually, this means some trimmed skin or, most often, removing a bruised wing. These birds are perfect for soups or broth & we're offering them for a discount. If you'd like a particular size, please just make a note in the comment section of your order. Enjoy!