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Pork Sausage - Mexican Chorizo

1 lbs(ish) Pkg Pork Chorizo

A fragrant, rich Mexican-style sausage. No sugar, nitrates or short cuts - just lots of spices (see below) & flavor. We couldn't find a suitable clean spice mix, so we mix our own using our family recipe. This is a raw sausage. Approx 1 lbs. Muy bien!Fun fact about me (the farmer & guy who makes the sausage)... I grew up from ages 4-13 in Southeast Arizona on the Gila River. Every Sunday, my grandma dutifully dragged my grandpa & me to a little adobe church where everything was done in Spanish & then English. Giving farmworkers rides to town in my grandpa's spacious LTD was just as much a part of my childhood as hunting, fishing, potlucks at the church. When I make this sausage, I think of those workers, I think of my grandparents long since passed, the kindness of a community in accepting outsiders & the mesas & fields along the Gila River. I don't know if that makes it taste better for ya'll, but it makes it better for me :)


Chicken, Paprika, Chili Powder, Cumin, Garlic, Oregano, Thyme, Black Pepper, Onion, Salt, Vinegar, Cinnamon & Clove